La Pasión River in Petén, Guatemala, 2015. Image via Carlos Sebastián, Nomada

Three Years Since the Ecocide in the Río Pasión, Guatemala, Communities Still Struggle for Justice

by Jeff Conant, senior international forests program director

María Margarita Hernández de Herrera, a 45-year-old Q’eq’chi Mayan woman, lives with her husband and three children in the village of Canaán, in Sayaxché, Petén.

How does the palm industry affect your access to food and water?

Do these palm plantations violate your human rights?

What is life like in your community since the Passion River ecocide of 2015?

How do you live since the fish kill in the Passion River?

Víctor Maas Paau, 53 years old, lives in the village of San Francisco El Tumbo, Sayaxché, Petén, on the edge of the Río Pasión, together with his wife and four children.

Three years after the disaster in the Río La Pasión, what is your life like?

What does the Passion River signify to you and your family?

What are you asking of the government of Guatemala?

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