5 Ways the Pesticide Industry is Lying to You

by Kendra Klein, PhD, Deputy Director for Science

  • Tactic 1: Corrupting Science — Monsanto employees shaped the science on glyphosate, including paying academics, ghostwriting papers, influencing regulatory agencies and using other covert tactics to shape the scientific and regulatory record.
  • Tactic 2: Co-opting Academica — Monsanto and other pesticide companies partnered with and paid universities and professors who in turn promoted and defended glyphosate and the GMO seeds designed to tolerate the herbicide. Many of these partnerships were not transparent to the public.
  • Tactic 3: Mobilizing Third Party Allies — The report describes the large and well-funded third-party echo chamber — the front groups, professional organizations, universities, astroturf campaigns and others — who disseminated messaging crafted by Monsanto and its PR firms for the purpose of opposing health, safety and transparency regulations for pesticide industry products.
  • Tactic 4: Tracking and Attacking Scientists, Journalists and Influencers — Industry front groups that claim to be “pro-science” — including the Genetic Literacy Project and American Council on Science and Health — targeted the World Health Organization’s cancer researchers, and other scientists and journalists who reported on glyphosate’s links to cancer.
  • Tactic 5: Weaponizing the Web — Monsanto and other companies deployed the same front groups that attacked scientists and journalists in defense of glyphosate to infiltrate online spaces and garner top placement in Google News searches to elevate industry messaging.



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