Trump meets with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto at the Group of 20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, in July 2017. Trump is pushing to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement among their countries and Canada. Photo via NPR.

10 ways that Trump’s new NAFTA threatens people and the planet

by William Waren, senior trade analyst

Donald Trump signs executive order for Trans-Pacific Partnership withdrawal, Jan. 2017. Photo via The Independent.

This could slow down or stop promulgation of environmental, climate, and health regulations.

4) NAFTA threatens sound climate policy. A new deal on NAFTA will likely ramp up global warming by increasing coal, oil and gas exports . Such “free trade” in dirty energy products would accelerate climate change across North America and around the world. Currently, NAFTA’s energy chapter limits Canada’s ability to restrict production of fossil fuels such as tar sands oil. This provision should be eliminated — but it is hard to believe that climate change denier Donald Trump will do so. Other NAFTA rules allow renewable portfolio standards, low carbon fuel standards, and other climate-friendly energy regulations to be challenged for impeding on the business of foreign fossil fuel firms. Trump is not going to willingly fix this problem.

Trump’s rhetoric and actions strongly suggest that he plans to step up his war on the planet.

6) NAFTA threatens deregulation of chemical safety standards. NAFTA renegotiation could result in a the roll back of effective regulations, put in place in California and other jurisdictions, related to chemicals associated with breast cancer, infertility and other illnesses. It also could block future reforms at the national level.



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